Press Kits

Media kits are more detailed and illustrated than stand alone press releases.

Press kits are beneficial to you for the following reasons:

  • Press kits can be used to introduce your company and/or product to the media.
  • Press kits can help you receive new product review publicity.
  • Press kits can be used at conferences, trade shows and special events.
  • Press kits can increase your publicity results dramatically.

(Electronic) Online press kits

An online press kit is a key component of your publicity campaign. At least 75% of all media professionals say they go online every day looking for information to use for their publications. They search for information and facts for their articles, and they look for experts to interview for their news stories. You can offer the information they seek in your industry and area of expertise with a special area of your Web site specifically made for the media.

The benefits of adding an online press kit to your Web site:

  • The media prefer an online press kit over a postal mail press kit.
  • Online press kits offer a significant savings both postage expenses and time.
  • They are great for sending brief e-mail story pitches with links to your Web site.
  • They can be used as reference information while on the phone with reporters.
  • It can increase the results of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.
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