Pitch Letters

Most every product marketed needs a form of written introduction in order to effectively approach a new customer. Whether in a correspondence to a magazine editor, a sales letter or a formal proposal a "pitch letter" is an effective tool to get the emphasis across about a product.

Most every form of written and televised media relies on manufacturers and product experts for a large percentage of their product reviews, articles and news stories. Using a pitch letter is an effective way to offer the media introductory information on your products.

Pitch letters can be very beneficial to you for the following reasons:

  • They enable you to efficiently and plainly introduce yourself and preliminary information on a product.
  • They can be the most direct and efficient way to make an introduction, establish the proper contacts and penetrating a media company or customer.
  • Introducing, concisely explaining a product and describing why it is beneficial to this buyer.
  • Writing a pitch letter takes special talents and should be formatted and written correctly for the goals you wish to achieve.
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