New Invention Brand Development

Brand development for a new invention is probably the most important thing a new company can do for itself, and its products. Name recognition and retention are vital to the ongoing success of products in the retail marketplace. With a known brand, it is much easier to get a product into the marketplace. Once there, it is much easier to move product when consumers know who is behind it.

Brand Building

PXSI can help launch your brand with its unique blend of services. With its experienced approach to print and TV exposure, online promotion, contests, direct marketing, viral marketing, and public relations, PXSI can take your name and put it in front of your target market, and more importantly, those who control your target market--the buyers and product managers for retail chains.

Each campaign developed by PXSI builds upon those that precede it, so that the branding process takes place naturally. By identifying and strategically approaching the target market segments for your products, we can help deliver the brand recognition you need for a successful product launch.

One of the keys to successful branding is to allow the brand to permeate every element of your product and company. That's the philosophy behind PXSI's approach to developing and building a brand. \PXSI can help strengthen your ability to exude your company, your products and the competitive advantages you offer in your messages and business practices, packaging and literature.

To a known brand, customers will respond with increased loyalty, a willingness to pay a premium price and make a quicker buying decision. PXSI's branding process combined with our other crucial services will help reveal a company's true strengths.

PXSI brand services include:

  • Brand strategy consulting
  • Existing brand enhancement
  • Start-up brand creation
  • Product Positioning
  • Brand extension consulting
  • Branding tools development
  • Internal brand implementation
  • Brand training
  • Brand graphic management and distribution
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